whitewalter podcast

August 2013. Recorded by Grem (IT)






1. Harmonie-Oxia

2. Darkrain-Dexter

3. Somebody's Story-Solomun

4. After Rain Comes Sun-Solomun

5. Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)-Ray Okpara

6. It's Mine-Monoloc feat. Daniel Wilde

7. Manila-Taras Van De Voorde

8. Clouds and Water-Minilogue

9. Get Down (Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Remix)-Florian Meindl

10. Mainthread-Mirko & Francesco Bonora

11. True Romance-David August



Recorded by Grem on August 2013 in Southport, Gold Coast, Australia


This is the starting point, the moment when we realized this trip was going to be long and challenging. This is the first stone, the one on which all the other stones will be placed on. The symbolic meaning of this Podcast is huge to Planctoon!

grem- whitewalter - planctoon mix #00